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The Details

About MDA 

Educating the Future

Maryland Detail Academy LLC (MDA) was established to provide core training and enrichment for those aspiring to establish or who've already established a career in auto detailing. We provide training classes on various techniques, tools and general knowledge of auto detailing. We also provide vital information on how to properly register your business and other fundamental elements of daily business operations.

Whether you are a growing entrepreneur or simply an enthusiast who likes to maintain your personal vehicles, MDA will give you the skills, techniques and best practices to achieve your level of detailing goals.

See more details below on registration and training requirements.

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It is our goal to pass on the knowledge that our instructors have gained over 20+ years of being in the auto detailing and repair industry. We believe that the best way to build relationships is to be willing to share knowledge so that we can all grow together.

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Certified U.S. menzerna Training Center

Maryland Detail Academy is proud to be the U.S. Certified menzerna Training Facility. Experience perfection in polishing with Germany's pioneer polishing compound system. menzerna polishing compounds since 1888.

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How Does Training Work?


  • As the certified U.S. Menzerna Training Facility, all paint correction courses will be conducted and Certified with the Menzerna polishing system and products.

  • MDA is fully stocked with all of the tools and supplies you will need to complete the training.

  • Have your own polisher/buffer? Feel free to bring it along! We want you to be comfortable with the equipment that you have to work with. We'll also review the difference in various brands of equipment so that you can achieve the best results no matter the brand you choose.

  • All classroom material will be provided. Feel free to bring recording devices for later reference. PLEASE NO LIVE STREAMING during training. 

  • Course costs are listed and may be subject to change according to instructor availability and/or product brand endorsement.

  • Courses will also include segments on licensing and properly registering a business, EPA regulations, permits, business management, marketing and tips/techniques for promoting your business and establishing price points.

  • All classes require full payment at time of registration. Please contact us directly if there is a need to make alternate payment arrangements.

  • Attendees will be permitted to register 1 additional guest for purposes of translating.

  • Translators will not receive course material or be included in hands on activities.

  • Personal Translator registration fee is $25 and must be purchased at time of trainee registration.

  • Any changes to registered personal translator will need to be made by contacting us directly.

  • Course dates subject to change according to instructor schedules. All changes will be updated as quickly as possible and any registered participants will be notified directly.

  • Sponsored courses and special events will be added according to manufacturer/brand representative availability. All special events and sponsored courses will be added to the registration form as dates become available.


What you WILL get from MDA training
What you WON'T get from MDA training
  • Industry professional certified instructors with 20+ years experience

  • Dedicated support from instructors after training

  • Effective skills and techniques to enhance competency and confidence

  • Small class sizes to ensure maximum productivity and ample room for students to perform

  • Certificate of training completion from top industry detailing product/service providers

  • Network with people who share your passion, dedication and devotion to detailing


  • Exclusive discounts on chemical & equipment purchases from Maryland Detail Superstore

  • One and done instruction with impersonable trainers and no follow up assistance

  • Training sessions designed to promote brand more than general knowledge

  • Large class sizes that don't allow space or time for trainees to get a full understanding of the material.

  • Overloaded itinerary schedule that doesn't allow ample time to comprehend and grasp new skills

  • Expensive course fees and a mediocre training experience

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